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Game News
Welcome Fellow rifters and gamers to the Vigilance guild website of the game Rift: Planes of telera,   The site will remain a beta site as we were formed in the beta and are one of the oldest and fastest expanding guilds on rift if not rift our server Argent Pve-RP at least.

The guild was formed original from Tzara, Chania and Yuzuki though later the addition of other leaders has been added (Full list of leaders names to be added/edited when promotions occur)

Leon - Starstreaker

Please show respect to your leaders

As one of the first guilds is it important to represent our server, the rp community and our selves properly be respectful and try not to rage at guildies or in general :) we dont want a bad reputation. Enjoy the site!
Guild News

Rift Offical Launch

Cyberzane, Mar 4, 11 10:50 AM.
Well the headstarts over :'( im sure we've all enjoyed it and here comes the rest of the rifters fortuneately we have a small headstart on them :)

Not much to say other than being in the beta and head start ive enjoyed it all alot and must thank trion for all they've done they've definately proved that rift is worth playing so much so several of us immediately unsubbed our wow and various other mmo accounts upon playing just the beta!

Many thanks to Trion and the wonderful community that exists on Argent RP-Pve and i hope we all have a good time in rift

Rift: Headstart goes live!

Cyberzane, Feb 26, 11 6:10 PM.
We've been through the beta and i hope everyone enjoyed it i know i did and i made many a friend. With the guild being a beta guild we will continue to do our best with reports to trion on how to improve but also enjoying ourselves as now its time to enjoy what we helped to test and make...

I hope everyones been enjoying the first few days of the live and of course welcome to our new members who would have thought we'd  have expanded so quickly with nearly 80 members in Vigilance now i think this only proves that there is alot more in store for our guild in the future and i hope we all strive to improve our selves and our guild for the future events that will no doubt unfold around us!

Beta 6 over - Beta 7 soon! - Taking over towns?!

Cyberzane, Feb 11, 11 7:45 AM.
We all enjoyed beta 6 i hope and our little run in with the defiants was certainly interesting ;) along with the guild puzzle solving antics.

Once again i must encourage people to use the forums and site resources :) the more we get active in them the more i can improve them where i see its needed, also over on forums starstreaker has been mentioning something about the possibility of being able to take over enemy hubs to turn them into guardian ones? So it sounds to me like perhaps come beta 7 our guild should attempt this it could be fun trying to take over an area purely for the guardians ;) with some lvling ofc :p anyway with this being our final beta i say we enjoy it as much as possible :)

I must also insist anyone who is not registered to please register or get friends registered as it will be much easier to keep in contact with the guild if the Argent server does not exist for some reason

Finally on the subject of guild realm movement it seems likely that we will stay on rp pve though some want pvp it we first and foremost an rp guild and so pvp rp could be difficult and hunting rift monsters becomes harder when defiant scum are trying to murder you as happened to us twice in high level zones :) which im sure some of you will remember

Beta 6!

Cyberzane, Feb 4, 11 3:52 PM.
Welcome back everyone after the short break from beta 5 we've all returned for beta6 this weekend (Damn you trion i wanted to get some work done!!)

So far its business as usual with silverwood as we continue our defense during major invasions though i urge guildies to defend gloamwood too now that most of us are of a higher level also please try the trade skills out as its always good to get a feel of things

On a side note anyone who has not yet given Yuzuki or Suen their emails should do so incase we cant join the argent server (like it doesnt exist in retail or etc) to make vigilance and so have to use another server

Incase you do not wish to give out your email i will be playing by the same name on an rp server with the guild vigilance so you should be able to find Yuzuki anyway ;)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Cyberzane, Jan 28, 11 11:55 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Requirements for joining Vigilance? Simple!

1. The ability to respect and be kind to your fellow guildies

2. The ability to have a laugh with said guildies and no when to stop hurting someones feelings or picking on someone is no on and will be dealt by the leaders/admins
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